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How we can help you

Move your workloads to the cloud with PushFYI who are trusted Cloud Service consultants that offer industry-leading best solutions for your program.

Web mobile and social apps

  • We build web, social & mobile apps for the cloud.
  • Run apps that easily respond to viral growth.
  • Deliver casual or Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.
  • Share photos, videos, and other content.
  • Build secure, scalable, and low-cost online stores.
  • Build mobile apps and quickly create powerful back-end services in the cloud.

Back Up – Archive and DR

  • Backup, Archive, & DR.
  • Backup and Storage on AWS.
  • Store and retrieve any data, anywhere.
  • Disaster Recovery on AWS.
  • Recover your systems and data quickly.
  • Archiving on AWS.
  • Archive your data for long-term retention.

Digital Media Marketing

  • Ingest, store, encode, protect, and stream your Media.
  • Run your marketing campaigns, apps, & websites in the cloud.
  • Run highly available, scalable and low-cost sites
  • Enablement
  • Maintenance

Big Data and HPC

  • Big Data & HPC.
  • Big Data on AWS.
  • Store and process large datasets to solve business problems.
  • HPC on AWS.
  • Run tightly-coupled and IO-intensive workloads to solve complex science, engineering and business problems.

Enterprise App – Oracle SAP MS

  • Oracle E-Business Suite, Hyperion.
  • Rapid Deployment Solutions, SAP Business Objects.
  • Windows Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server.